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Gateway Project Gains Funding Momentum In Congress

The effort to build a new cross-Hudson rail tunnel, a crucial part of the Gateway Project, gained considerable steam when the U.S. Senate joined the House in approving a transportation bill that contains several provisions designed to help fund the mammoth endeavor.

The five-year, $305 billion surface transportation bill, which the president is expected to sign, allows Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor to keep its own profits, rather than having to use those profits to subsidize Amtrak routes elsewhere in the country that are run at a loss.

It's a major change that may have lasting implications for the nation's busiest train route.

At the moment, the country's biggest regional economy is relying on a single, two-tube rail tunnel connecting New Jersey to Midtown Manhattan. The tunnel is owned by Amtrak, but used mostly by New Jersey Transit.

To learn more about the bill, click HERE.

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